Well kept and respected Sony Bravia TV and PlayStation 3 slim, great for movie watching and can still play games no problem! The TV has absolutely no issues, just needs a remote. Bonus! 1 Working Controller HDMI Chord 5 Games Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix Infamous 2 PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Little Big Planet 3 Destiny OBO No delivery.
Carrollton (Frankford y McCoy) Abri la caja,pero estan muy peque os para mi hijo (no se usaron) Sirven tambien para reducir ruidos (para ni os con problemas a los ruidos fuertes) $20
Nothing is wrong with it. Only been on it once. No scratches nor dents. Clean. Turns into a tablet;touch screen. Processor: intel(R) CPU N4200 @ 1.10GHz Installed Ram: 8 GB System type: 64-bit operating system x64-baseed processor Comes with charger
Funciona bien tv/dvd Carrollton (Frankford y McCoy) Quien venga primero se la lleva Aparto solo con pago adelantado
Same as the white and RoseGold wireless headphones Mic support Folding Easy to connect
DYNEX 41IN. Screen Tv with Black entertainment cabinet.I would sale the Tv or cabinet separate.
100 song bank,100 rhythms,100 tones.It is battery operated and it does have a ac adaptor plug in the adaptor is not included.
55 LG 4K 3DTV with led lights Entertainment stand Over 10 games PSVR Ps4 PRO XBOX ONE X Ps1 classic modded SNES classic modded All systems will be erased and wiped clean